Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of privacy in our line of work. Any business transaction requires a certain level of privacy from both sides. Even though it is clearly understandable taking hold of a helping hand everyone a while. But it can hinder one’s reputation at times when we are talking about professional projects.

Therefore, all the info/help we offer come with a guarantee of privacy. Any and all information that we receive or ask of you shall be done so with your consent. None of your personal data will be shared with any third-party unless we have your say so. In case of us doing so you can be certain we had one of the following reasons to do so;

In the event of us sharing any of our user’s personal information, you can be sure we did so under the obligations we have to follow the state’s law. So if we are to believe that one or multiple of our users are in linked with any illegal activity such as fraud or embezzlement, online or otherwise, we will share their info with the proper authorities. Following are the types of information that we may ask of our users if they desire to avail our premium utilities.

Email, phone number, browser info, PC type, Preferences among ads. All things we see necessary to enhance your personal experience on our site as a whole. Nonetheless, nothing is kept in the dark and if there are any changes made to the algorithm you will be notified. You can also contact us to inquire about your personal information and have it delete if you wish to. You are welcomed to our archives at any time. We hope that you will find our services satisfactory and will continue to help us help you.